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Fleet evolve are that helping hand guiding you through the process of moving your fleet to electric. Using real time data from your vehicles you can rest assured that you will get the right vehicles when your business is ready for them.


Your greener future starts today!

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Of your fleet will need to be zero emission by 2030
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You could be eligible to receive on each vehicle
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What do we do?

Data Capture & Profiling

Having access to quality and accurate data is the first step. We work with you to understand your business and only work with your current relevant journey and fleet data.


Optimisation software allows us to model your work and business to maximise the utilization of electric vehicles before, during and after you have made the switch.

Vehicle Supply & Deals

With access to exclusive deals and custom offers, you can be assured of the best deals for every vehicle you switch. We can even work with your existing vehicle suppliers!

Charging Strategy

Having access to quality and accurate data is vital in understanding how to build a robust charging infrastructure. Working with you and truly understanding your business we can get you ready for the transition.

Suitability Testing

Electric isn’t right for every vehicle, all of the time, we stress test all of our findings against ‘real’ vehicle test data. Even if it isn’t right today, it could be tomorrow.

Recommendations & Reviews

Working with the leading Electric vehicle manufacturers across the globe to make sure we can bring you the most accurate recommendations. We road test all of the vehicles before recommending and confirming all relevant usage data.

Utilities & Bespoke Deals

Utility companies offer discounts & bespoke deals for owners and users of electric vehicles. We work with a range of market leading utilities companies to ensure you get the best deal. Switching to electric doesn’t have to be expensive.

Management Tools

We have a range of management tools and software to help you manage your fleet more efficiently and get the best out of your new EVs!

Charging Supply & Installation

We work with a network of qualified installation partners, meaning everything supplied an installed swiftly and easily.

Granting & Funding

There are a range of grants and funding available to businesses moving their fleet over to electric, we help you take advantage of this meaning even more money in your pocket!

Service & Maintenance

Maintaining an EV is far simpler than maintenance of an ICE vehicle, however not every garage can service them, We will help you get your vehicles serviced.

Custom Software

Making such a big change to your fleet may call for a new software solution to help you effectively run it. We can help you design and implement new bespoke software that is tailored to your fleets wants and needs.

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Who we are

Fleet Evolve has been created by a team of experienced commercial automotive specialists from different corners of the market.


Having knowledge in vehicle supply, software, finance, service, connectivity and much more across the global market with over 100 years industry experience we think we’ve earned our stripes and are now wanting to help fleet owners, operators and managers get ready for, and get the most out of, the age of electrification.


We work with and partner innovative businesses from around the world to give you access to the very best technology and help you deliver change into your business effectively whilst controlling affordability.

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